Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dear Hollywood

Dear Hollywood,

I love many of the movies you produce, especially the inspirational (i.e. The Help) and the clean romantic comedies (Penelope, anyone?). I admire that your actors/actresses raise money to help people in poverty around the world. Thank you for songs that are fun to listen to while I clean the house or dance with my daughters. However, Hollywood, I have some issues. I'll talk - you listen.

What's up with your definition of beauty? Sure, the women on the cover of magazines are beautiful, even without the Photoshop work done on every image, but are you so narrow that you leave out the other 99% of females that are not a size 0? Do you really think women have to have a tiny waist with large breasts and perfectly-straight bleached teeth and expertly highlighted hair to be beautiful? I do not agree. I think a beautiful woman is intelligent, kind, strong, and selfless. Come meet my friends and you will agree. Since I was little, I have been taught that every woman is a daughter of God. That means we have divine worth, whether the scale reads 115 pounds or 210 pounds. You should check out Beauty Redefined. I have joined their fight to take back beauty.

Here's another issue. I love to workout to songs with a great beat, but how many songs do we really need about going to a club, getting drunk while rocking the dance floor, then finding a sexy one-night stand to go home with? Katy, Usher, Gaga - I know you are talented singers, but can you broaden your lyrics to make a song of substance? Despite what you may believe, women are much more than sexual objects to be used for male gratification. I don't know what's worse - a man singing about using a woman or a woman singing about being used! When I first heard Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO, I thought, "This song is awesome!" Then I read the lyrics: "Yo, I'm runnin' through these ho's like Drano." Are you KIDDING me? I have two daughters. If a man ever refers to them as ho's to be run through, he'll be running alright. Running away from me as I chase him down!

And while I'm on the subject, can you produce more romantic comedies without premarital sex? Can you back off the swearing? Can you reduce the gore and violence? If this is about money, did you know that PG-rated movies make more money than R-rated movies? Also, let's tackle those Photoshopped magazines I referred to earlier that clutter every checkout stand in America. Can you discuss more in your magazines than expert sex techniques and celebrity gossip?

I just wanted to tell you that I refuse to acquiesce my moral agency to your immoral standards. I will walk out of the theater. I will delete the offensive song. I will close the magazine. Most importantly, I will teach my daughters their true beauty and worth, despite your attacks to distort their perceptions.




pogilvie said...

AMEN!Amen and AMEN!!!

Catherine said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this Em! Let's take Hollywood and heck even the world on by standing up for what WE believe in. I am so with you. I too have journaled about this before on my daily gratitude blog. It gets me fired up about wanting to BE the change we want to SEE in the world, just as Mother Theresa inspired us to do.